Tackle by Fishermen, for Fishermen

Tackle by Fishermen, for Fishermen

Umbrella Rigs & Components

We Offer Fishing Umbrella Rigs and Components

EZ Clips

Made in the USA stainless steel quick connect clips: 50 lb. 75 lb. and 125 lb. Chrome or black.

Small Squids

Approximately 3.5 - 4.0 “long riggable. 3 colors green glow, holographic clear, and pearl glow.

Large Squid Bodies

That can easily be rigged. Available in a 2 pack with 6" squids in pink, glow, or natural clear / blue.

Mono Leaders

12" and 18" mono leaders:
100 lb. test, #1 Sampo swivel and 75 lb. ss EZ clip. Made in the USA

Double Spinner


Our Double-Bladed Spinner is a great versatile item to have with you. Heavy duty construction: stainless steel spring tempered wire .041 dia. 325 lb. test, 100 lb. Sampo swivel, 75 lb. EZ clip, 2 chrome plated brass cupped blades. This will work well on any species that is attracted to flash in both fresh and saltwater.  

Buzz Blade Spinner

A great way to add flash to tubes, umbrellas etc . Heavy duty chrome plated brass blade hammered on one side. The blade itself is approximately 1 7/8" x 2".

Solid Color Tube Umbrellas

Available in 4 arm or 6 arm. in both 15" and 22" models. Constructed with extra heavy duty ss spring tempered wire, Quickconnect clips, 12" 100 lb. test mono leaders, buzz blade spinner. 10 /0 Mustad hooks. Colors: red, black, white, sand eel, fl green, tinker tubes in blue and green. Combinations available, red / black shown.

Silverside and Shad Umbrellas

Available in either holographic shads in our silverside tube lures or shads in blackback or blueback. These rigs are set up with hooked lures on the outside on an 100 lb. mono leader that has a quick change snap. The inside of the umbrella has teasers with a buzz blade in the center. Available in large 22" 4 arm or 6 arm or 15" Kayak special in 4 arm or 6 arm.

Fluorocarbon Leaders

18 and 24 inch fluorocarbon leaders made with 60 lb. test fluorocarbon leader material, 100 lb. test Sampo swivels and 75 lb. test Sampo E-Z clips.

Wire Leaders

12" and 18" wire leaders:
45 lb. test flexible Surflon black ss 7 strand wire, #1 Sampo swivel and 75 lb. ss EZ clip.
Made in the USA.